Trusted Repair and Refabrication

Jewelry Repair


At Travis Jewelers, our experience in jewelry is a passion and the subject of a great deal of public trust. We have been working for decades to gain, nurture, and honor that trust, and that is why so many people have come to depend on us for their jewelry-related needs. 


Put Your Jewelry In Safe Hands

If you have a piece of jewelry that has been broken or damaged, we can help. 

Our experienced team of expert jewelers can work with anything from rings to pendants, and there is no accident so destructive that they won’t be able to work their magic.  

We at Travis Jewelers specialize in custom jewelry—that means that we have the skills and facilities to restore or otherwise recreate jewelry of any kind. Variety and diversity are where we shine, and we like a challenge. So, even if your engagement ring was run over by a steamroller, we are confident that we can put it back on your finger, sparkling like never before. 

If your piece has been damaged beyond repair, we can draw from our wealth of materials, tools, and experience to re-fabricate what can’t be repaired. 

All of our jewelry repair is done on-site. That means that you won’t need to expose your valuables to additional risk, sending them back to manufacturers, being handled by dozens of anonymous hands along the way. When you come to Travis Jewelers, your piece of jewelry has reached its safe-haven. It won’t leave our care until it’s been 100% restored and entrusted back to you. 

While-You-Wait Jewelry Repair

Transparency and trust are top priorities for us. That is why we offer a “While-You-Wait” option for jewelry repair. If you have a piece of jewelry that is of particular value, we are happy have you in the shop alongside one of our jewelers as they perform your repairs. It would be our pleasure to have you watch us in our element. 

While-You-Wait repairs must be set up by appointment and will be more expensive than our standard jewelry repair. Getting to meet your jeweler in-person and watch the piece that you so cherish be restored to its former glory provides great peace of mind for many. We understand completely. 

How This Works... 

Whether you want to schedule a While-You-Wait repair appointment or drop your piece off with us, we will need to physically inspect your piece of jewelry before we can provide you with an accurate quote. If you feel that the price is right, then leave your piece of jewelry with us and rest easy knowing that it is being handled with the care and precision it deserves. 


Need To Have A Repair Done?